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6 Web Development Meetups You Should Attend in New York City

Are you a complete beginner in the web development world? Do you wish to learn quickly, build some projects and get a job in the tech industry?

Whether you are a web development newbie or an expert in this field, there are plenty of social activities happening in New York City that you should definitely be a part of. Programming is an introverted activity. Sitting in an office 8-9 hours every day of the week can be tough. It is essential to have a social life too. To provide a boost to your social life, sign up with a free of cost web platform like and meet others from your industry.

Here are the 6 web development meetups you should attend in New York City

1) Google Developer Group (GDG) NYC

No matter what programming language you work with, you definitely must have used Google’s API before. It can be integrated with any development platform available out there. Google Developer Group (New York City) is an official community for programmers from all walks of life. Events are conducted in 233 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, NY.

2) NYC .NET Developers

NYC .NET Developers is a meetup group for .NET developers in the NYC region. Meetups are held 2nd Thursday of each month at the NY Microsoft Office at 11 Times Square. .NET is a niche community and there are not many developers working with this platform, at the moment. This is a unique opportunity to meet other.NET developers, attend lectures by Microsoft technology experts and make some good friends.

3) New York City Web Development Community

New York City Web Development Community is a meetup group for front end as well as back end developers. You can meet and know people working in various areas of web development. CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, jQuery, YUI, MooTools, to Perl, Ruby, JAVA, UNIX, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD are some of the technologies they are interested in.

5) Girl Develop It NYC

Even the people at StackOverflow agree that web development and research is a male-dominated field. Women working in this field feel isolated and eventually quit after a few years. However, to inspire the ones who have the audacity and dedication to still compete, Girl Develop it meetup group conducts meetups every week, free of cost, in places like the New York Public library and William Street.

6) Latino Web Developers NYC

According to StackOverflow’s Developer Survey Results 2019, 7.1% of participants claimed to be Hispanic or Latino/Latina. It is not a big number relative to other ethnicities like Asians. Latino Web Developers NYC is a group that encourages Latino web developers to network, learn new skills and share ideas. Even people belonging to other ethnicities are welcomed at their events.


To learn and grow fast, it is essential to be a part of a community. Whether you are learning something technical like programming or artistic like music, gaining second had knowledge puts way ahead than the rest.

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