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6 New Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Are you wondering which programming language will be the most valuable, offer the highest salary, and be easy to learn in 2020?

If you are a software developer looking to learn new technologies in 2020, this post is for you. 2019 was a year for programming languages like Python, JavaScrip and Go. Apart from these, less popular (in terms of exposure) languages like Bash, Assembly, and Clojure also stood strong. 2020 is a year when you have the option to either stick to the old technologies or learn and adapt to the newer ones.

programming lang

Here Are the 6 New Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

1) Kotlin

When it comes to popularity, Kotlin did not match up to other languages like JavaScript, Ruby, TypeScript, and PHP. It stood 16th in the list of most popular programming languages by StackOverflow.

In 2020, it is expected to break into the industry and make numerous Java APIs obsolete. It is designed to interoperate fully with Java. Hence, it will be popular among Java developers.

2) Javascript

Since the advent of Node.JS, JavaScript has become one of the most popular programming languages among server-side programmers. In the past four years, several new frameworks were released. Angular, Mithril, React, Vue, and Ember are the most-used.

3) Python

When it comes to programming the easy way, Python comes first to my mind. There is no other open-source programming language that has as many numbers of ready-to-use libraries as Python. Once you master this language; you can work on projects involving IoT, machine learning, natural language processing, and rest APIs.

4) Go

Go is a statically typed and compiled programming language. Meaning, the variables are known at compile-time instead of at run-time. Java, C, and C++ are all statically typed. Go is primarily used in large IT companies as it is used to develop complex and lengthy projects. It is also difficult to learn Go by yourself.

5) Java

Java is still one of the most used programming languages on Earth. In the StackOverflow Survey, programmers voted Java in the top 5 most popular programming languages. There is no doubt, it will retain its status in 2020. It is still going to be used for Android app development, InternetOfThings (IoT) applications, scientific applications, and enterprise applications.

6) Typescript

Lastly, this list would be incomplete without mentioning Typescript. Just like the popular JS frameworks and libraries did, Typescript is also rising at a steady pace. In 2019, it was much adored by programmers. However, unlike JavaScript, Typescript is not easy to learn.

So, a developer who knows and has worked on Typescript will be much more respected by employers in 2020. At least, this is what it seems like. 21 percent of people in the StackOverflow Survey voted Typescript to be their favorite programming language.


I hope the above list of programming languages to learn in 2020 made you a bit more aware of the situation. One last thing, do not get rattled or overwhelmed by the number of new programming languages appearing onto the scene. It is best to know one or two well and learn others as needed.

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