5 Tell Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Smartphone

Are you embarrassed to pull out your cellphone in front of your friends? Or you do not feel the need to stay up to date with technology?

There is nothing wrong with being old school when it comes to technology. New and advanced smartphones are one of the biggest causes of psychological disorders like social anxiety and depression. However, there are some other scenarios where it does make sense to get yourself a new cell phone. This post is all about that.Android

Here Are the 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Smartphone

1) When your current phone freezes frequently

A regular smartphone (unless you have an iPhone) begins to freeze 2-3 years after using it. Whether you use it the right way or not, the shelf life of a smartphone seems to be short. It’s time for you to get a new smartphone if your phone hangs or freezes every time you start an app or play a game.

2) You have used up the inbuilt memory and you are unable to install more apps

Most smartphones come with a built-in memory of 4-8 GB. With usage, free memory begins to shrink. To install a new app you are forced to either uninstall an existing app or delete some data from the internal storage. If you have found yourself in this situation and don’t want the hassle of deleting data, just get a new smartphone.

3) When your friends or colleagues give you strange looks the moment you pull out your phone from the pocket

I understand how it feels to pull out an old beat-up phone out of your pocket knowing that people around you are going to give you strange looks. Unless you are using an iPhone 4s, an old phone is almost a no-go with today’s new wideband networks. You better get a new smartphone that supports all the latest apps, accessories and networks.

4) You need to upgrade your sim to the new 5G Ultra Wideband network but your phones do not support it

According to a report by LifeWire, T-Mobile and other wireless carriers have begun offering 5G services in six locations starting from June 2019. If you stay in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York, you might want to upgrade your old smartphone that supports 5G sim cards. Even other technologies like 5G space are planned to be launched soon.

5) When you wish you had a phone with a bigger screen so you can experience TV shows and sports matches better

This is another good reason to ditch your current phone and get a new one with a bigger screen and also a better graphics configuration. According to eMarketer, the average adult in the US spend more time on their cell phone than watching TV.

An average person spends 3 hours, 43 minutes with their cell phone each day. There is really no need to spend your money on a TV set when you are going to be glued to a cell phone for such a long period.


Hopefully, you will soon be able to make a decision on buying a new smartphone for yourself. Buying a cellphone is not a difficult task. Just compare the features and prices of several smartphones online and pick the one that suits your requirements and budget.

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