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5 Helpful Tips for Front End Developers

The past 10 years have seen a steady rise in jobs involving website design, user-interface design, and website testing. As the world is moving from desktops to smartphones, front-end developers are needed even in the app development process. No app can be called complete without a stunning looking and thoughtfully created user interface.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 13 percent growth in web development jobs in the next 8 years. No other job profile has ever shown such a massive growth ever. At least not in the technology field. In this post, I have shared a few helpful tips for a beginner front end developer.

Here Are a Few Tips for a Front End or User Interface Developer

1) Always Verify Your Syntax

Unlike in back-end development, where even missing parentheses can prohibit the code from compiling, web pages load even with multiple syntax errors. In particular, when they are HTML-related. However, syntax errors can cause a lot of other problems like misaligned tables, unparsed content on the webpage, cross-browser incompatibility, so on and so forth. Hence, always double-check for syntax errors.
programming lang

2) A Non-Responsive Webpage Is No Longer Valid

Even if you working on an enterprise web-based application, it is mandatory to make every single web page in the project a responsive one. Several of your clients will have users accessing the application via mobile phones, tablets, etc. A web page designed for the desktop will appear blocky or non-readable on other devices. Even search engines like Google and Bing promote responsive websites.

3) Think Long Term

It is quite easy to write code that is maybe understandable to yourself and no one else. Everyone has their own way of putting things together. However, think about your team members too. Most programmers who take up existing projects get annoyed, frustrated and irritated with unreadable code. It is also advised to write a comment whenever necessary. This way you can make things easier for others.

4) Focus on the Fundamentals

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap are the fundamental programming languages every front end developer should know. Before working with an application framework like React.js or Angular, it is mandatory to become proficient with the above-mentioned languages.

5) Visualize Before Creating

Before jumping on to the coding part, it is imperative that you take an old school approach first. Visualize what you are required to built and put it on paper. Once you have drawn the higher level diagram, use an online tool like WebIO to create the wireframe diagrams. Only then you should begin writing the code. Visualizing helps you write error-free and clean code.


From startups to major corporations, everyone is looking for creative and logical thinkers with skills like JS, HTML, and CSS. You can begin with learning to code using free tutorials and compilers on the internet. After a week of study, it will make sense to work on a dummy project. Maybe create a basic blog.

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