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5 Best Game Recording Software For Windows 2020

Game recording can be done either with software or hardware. Popular gamers like PewDiePie and KSI use sophisticated hardware to record and stream their content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. However, for a beginner or an intermediate level gamer, open-source software is enough to get the job done.

Here Are the 5 Best Game Recording Software For Windows 2020

1) Dxtory

Dxtory is a free movie capture tool for DirectX and OpenGL Applications. It is considered to be the fastest and most powerful available today for gamers and tutors over the world. The software captures every essence of pixel–there are no losses.

Most other screen recording applications come with quality loss as it is not easy to record the video while you are playing a high-resolution video game. Dxtory does this job while recording multiple audio too.


  • The tabbed interface accesses makes your work faster.
  • You can do a lot of changes to the video.
  • Save videos in multiple formats.


  • The free version comes with a watermark.

2) Ezvid

As the name suggests, this software is easy-to-use for gamers and non-gamers with no tech background. It is powered with features like voice recording, facecam, voice synthesis, screen drawing, and speed control. Furthermore, you can also upload your captured video to YouTube without having to intervene.


  • 100 percent free software.
  • They don’t bother you to buy the pro version.


  • Works great for YouTubers. Not so much for others.

3) ShadowPlay

Is your Windows PC enabled with GeForce graphics cards?

If yes, then ShadowPlay might be the right solution for your screen recording needs. You can download this software for free from the Nvidia website. The software identifies the presence of Nvidia hardware and connects itself to it without human intervention. All you have to do is download and install. Plus, it also has some cool features for game developers.


  • High-powered software. Created by experts.
  • Good performance for all games.


  • Need Nvidia hardware to function.
  • Only good for recording games.

4) Camtasia

Camtasia is a widely-used screen recording software. It makes it easy for you to professional-looking videos. You don’t need to be an expert. What makes Camtasia so special is you don’t need to spend hours watching tutorial videos to get started. The user interface is designed to guide you through the process of screen capture and editing.


  • Create all kinds of videos.
  • The ready-to-use templates make it easy to create a professional video within minutes.


  • The editor is not as good.
  • The output files are quite large in size.

5) Bandicam


Bandicam makes use of DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies to record your screen. The videos are captured with a  high compression ratio without any looses. After recording, you can compare the video with the original gameplay and see results for yourself. I am pretty sure you will find no difference.


  • Bandicam also alleys you to record webcam, Xbox/PlayStation, smartphone, IPTV.


  • The trial version allows 10 minutes of recording.


From the above list, Ezvid suits for them who are looking for a 100 percent free video editor. Others do have a free version but they come with restrictions like recording time, watermarke, no customer support, etc.

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