5 Best FaceApp Alternatives You Should Try

FaceApp is one of the top free apps on the Google store right now. But due to the recent privacy issues, people are looking for a more secure and trustworthy app that consists of all the mind-bending features that FaceApp has.

Some journalists also claim that FaceApp is storing user’s entire camera roll in their cloud database. This can be a bit scary as you might sometimes store private pictures that you don’t want others to see.

For instance, sometimes instead of taking a print of important documents like driving license, social security documents, financial agreement papers, etc we just click a picture of it with our phones. Why would you want FaceApp to store such private images?

Here are 5 best FaceApp alternatives you should try today. They are completely safe to use and do not save your personal information on their servers.

1. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 has all the incredible features to make your profile picture look funny, attention grabber and authentic. This is a fun app that has similar features of that of FaceApp. You can swap faces within the image, do a hilarious gender swap, or change your background. Any photo that you morph can easily be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram with a click of a button.

2. iArt Camera

Created by Voyage Photo Lab, iArt Camera is an app that has plenty of amazing features like art effect, filters, the AI-powered background change, and double exposure. You can also create a cartoon version of yourself which looks similar to caricature. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer anymore. iArt Camera can be your designer; that too for free.

3. Face Secret

face secret

Face Secret app transforms your current picture in an older version of yourself. Moreover, it also has a ton of other features like a palm reader, baby prediction, beauty and ethnicity analysis and age challenge. It is an app similar to FaceApp but also tells you a lot about yourself.

4. AgingBooth

AgingBooth one of the most popular Android apps in this category and is created by PiVi & Co. This is a fun app that lets you know how you will look like in your old age. This is both funny and scary as no one wants to visualize an older them. Send your friends their morphed pictures(via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter) to prank them and have some fun.

5. Oldify

Oldify has more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store and also has a 4-star rating. I should warn you before-hand that this app is capable of giving you nightmares. The modified images look so real that they come alive. This is what makes this app so good and it is one of the best FaceApp alternatives you should try.


Recently FaceApp gave a statement clarifying the privacy issue that went viral on the internet. Users were scared to use it and the Russian company saw a massive decline in downloads. Anyways, why take a risk? Use the above-mentioned alternative for FaceApp and keep your data safe and secured.

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