5 Best Apps to Hide your Private Photos on Android in 2019

Are you worried that someone using your phone will view or steal your personal photos? Now you hide all your personal photos and videos on your phone and your partner will never even know they are there.

Sometimes we let others use our phone to make phone calls or use a particular app. And while they are using it you are worried sick that they might stumble upon a personal photo that they are not supposed to see.

Here are the 5 best apps to hide your private photos on your Android phone.

1. Keep Photos Secret: Hide Gallery Pictures Videos

secret photo vault

To keep the contents of your phone private, you have to transfer all your private photos or videos to Keep Photos Secret app and lock it with a password. Now next time your friend or spouse uses your phone, they won’t see the private content at all. To get access to these secret images or videos, you have to enter the password into Keep Photos Secret app.

What I like the most about this app is that it provides double security. That means you get to set two passwords: one for the app and another for your photo album. This feature makes it one of the best apps to hide your private photos on your Android phone.

2. Safe Gallery (Media Lock)

Privacy has become one of the most important factors while using smartphones. We use secured apps for purposes like banking or money transfer. So, why not use an app that will keep all your personal images safe. Developers of Safe Gallery app understand this concern and they have come with a fantastic solution. This app is also very easy to use and you don’t need much time to get acquainted with it. It’s a simple app. Its task is also simple and it does it without any issues.

3. Private Photo Vault

Private photo vault

Private Photo Vault is one of the most complete apps to hide your private photos on your Android device. It has every feature that you can ask for in a digital vault. To provide a better experience, they have also launched a pro version of this app which has many more advanced features. What more can you ask?

4. Vault-Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

This app is anyone who values their privacy more than anything else. It hides your images and makes sure the no other person that you can get access to them. However, the pro version is a lot better than the free version. So, if you really want to safeguard the contents of your phone you can download the free version from Google PlayStore.

5. Vaulty


Vaulty does many more things than just hide your personal photos on your Android phone. Also, I found this app to be the most easy-to-use. All you have to do is open the app, tap on the lock icon and select the albums or individual photos that you want to hide. No drag and drop required. Vaulty has another cool feature called as “Mugshot”. Mugshot will capture the image of anyone who enters a wrong password.


Images that contain your banking information like your account number, password, or any other transaction details should always be kept inside a digital vault. Your memory card is portable and anyone can steal it. These apps encrypt the data so even if someone steals your phone or memory card, they will never be able to view the original information.

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