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4 Mobile Apps That Will Help you with Money in 2019

Sometimes, thinking about being a financially responsible adult is overwhelming — all that work tracking bills and growing savings can seem staggering. You can’t imagine looking through your bank statements and poring over spreadsheets every single weekend. That’s your sacred time off. But when you’re busy during the rest of the week, it may be your only option.

Unless, you put your phone to work for you. If you want to get your finances in better shape without letting them take over your life, you should download these mobile apps onto your smartphone.

Mobile apps

For Savings: Qapital

Counting your pennies and putting them away for safekeeping is harder than it sounds. If you want to take some of the work out of saving, you should download a money-saving app like Qapital to find and collect the money for you.

The app allows you to set certain rules that encourage saving through your bank accounts. A popular one allows Qapital to round up every new transaction to the nearest dollar and move the spare change into the app’s specialized savings account. The entire goal is to make saving automatic and stress-free.


For Budgeting: PocketGuard

In 2014, a survey from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling revealed that a total of 61% of US adults don’t have a budget plan, leaving the results of their spending up to chance. If you want to get out of that demographic, you can use a mobile app to create a responsible budget.

The app PocketGuard can help you manage all of your credit and debit cards together — it doesn’t matter if the cards are from different banks. You can sync other accounts for loans, investments, and savings into the tool to get a thorough look at your financial situation.

Beyond displaying your earnings and tracking your spending, PocketGuard is considered one of the best apps that save you money because it pushes you to keep within the confines of your budget. Use it to set limits for certain spending categories like entertainment, so you don’t waste your grocery money for a trip to the movies.

For Bill Payments: Prism

You have bills for your utilities, internet, phone, credit card, medical treatments and more coming through your mailbox. Each bill has a different due date that you have to track, or else you’ll be punished with higher fees or service cut-offs. Dealing with the pile of bills and the pressure of making the right payments can be overwhelming.

A free app like Prism will organize your long list of payment schedules into a single automatic tool so that you’re notified when the deadlines for your bills are coming up. Once you get a notification, you can make the payment through the app and rest easy.

The app has same-day payment stating that the money will reach the desired billing company within 10 minutes. The bill payment system is more convenient than ones offered by traditional banks, which can take several business days to go through and can occasionally charge the user fees.

For Emergencies: MoneyKey

In 2017, the Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking found that 40% of adults couldn’t afford to deal with an emergency worth $400 on their own. Many adults make sure their budgets work for their day-to-day lives, but they leave no room for sudden expenses. A plumbing problem could be the one thing that sends them into a financial tailspin.

It’s important for you to prepare your budget for emergencies, but sometimes it’s not always possible. If you’ve hit a rough patch that leaves you unable to take care of a complication, you can download an app like MoneyKey to apply for a quick loan. With the app, you can easily make a loan application, manage your account, and review your repayment schedule.

You should also head over to the company’s website to find practical tips for saving money in 2019 to see how you can bulk up your finances without having to take out a loan when emergencies crop up. For those who are motivated by the new year, check out their guide for following resolutions without overspending. The simple advice can help you set aside emergency money in a short period of time. You’ll feel much more confident about your finances when you know that you’re prepared for the worst.

Taking care of your finances doesn’t have to feel like a second job. When you use apps to your advantage, you can take care of your accounts, reach your savings goals, and even tackle emergencies in a flash. Managing your money will take you just as much effort as logging onto Instagram or checking the weather.

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