3 Inexpensive Fitness Bands That Detect Body Temperature

3 Inexpensive Fitness Bands That Detect Body Temperature

3 Inexpensive Fitness Bands That Detect Body Temperature

The coronavirus pandemic inspired multiple companies to become creative and adjust their business to new market needs. A simple example is a common fitness band. While not that many manufacturers implemented temperature monitoring into their devices, there are a few that managed to stay ahead of the curve and offer a really useful feature in this day and age.

At the time of writing this report, two major manufacturers have fitness bands that detect body temperature. More brands may choose to introduce such a feature in the future but for now, we need to settle with just two. While they have several different fitness bands with body temperature monitoring, only three of them will be mentioned today.

GOQii Vital 3.0

GOQii was the first brand to make fitness bands that detect body temperature. They had several public announcements and PR pieces to introduce their new product, the Vital 3.0. The Vital 3.0 is a fitness band that has all the standard features and a body temperature monitor. This newly added feature does not drain the battery faster and it does not make the band unwearable. It is quite practical and can track all types of activities such as running, walking, sleeping, cycling, and many more. At the same time, it can be used to read smartphone notifications and has a sync feature that shows all the collected statistics on an Android or iOS smartphone.


OPTA SB-209 Maria is the successor of their 208 models but in a much more compact form factor. It is a fitness band with a small 1.14 IPS screen and a decent resolution. The model can track different fitness activities and can be used to read notifications, answer calls, control smartphone cameras, and several other useful features. Battery life is decent on a full charge, the device will run for at least two days, depending on how much it is used. Lastly, the fitness band is quite inexpensive and can be found on most major online retailer websites.


While the OPTA SB-208 Sibylla is not a fitness band in the true sense of the word, it has all the standard features. The model is similar to a compact smartwatch and has a small 1.3 IPS touch display. It can track multiple health and fitness-relevant statistics and it can display smartphone notifications. Out of all its features, the most notable ones are the heart rate and body temperature. It can also detect and track different activities such as walking, running, cycling, and climbing.

Final Thoughts:

Certainly, more and more brands will come up with their fitness bands that detect body temperature. As they monitor the temperature from the wrist, there are some questions regarding accuracy. In time, technology will progress and the adoption rate of such devices will increase. When that time comes, the 3 above-mentioned models will remain a budget solution for the ones that are concerned about their health and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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