3 Best Laptop Battery Tester Tools

3 Best Laptop Battery Tester Tools

3 Best Laptop Battery Tester Tools


Over time, you will notice some errors appear on your laptop battery. Stop holding its load. The charge level indicator shows fluctuating readings. A faulty discharge estimate is also common.

Here are some useful monitoring and diagnostic tools to know its power, load, tensions, and, ultimately, its state of health.



This free tool developed by Nirsoft is one of the most straightforward and most direct that we can find today.

With BatteryInfoView, you will not only be able to observe the current charge of your laptop battery; this utility will also allow you to know the original capacity, the voltage it offers, the discharge rate, estimated time remaining, and battery temperature, among other things.

You can see all this on the initial screen of BatteryInfoView. Still, pressing F8, you access a second mode, which shows you a kind of timeline in which you can see how the charge decreases over time and what are the events that the system registers around it, with samples taken every 30 seconds (although this interval can be modified by pressing F9).

As in almost all Nirsoft applications, in BatteryInfoView (available in 32 and 64 bit), you can export the information in different formats, such as XML, HTML, or CSV.


It is a useful tool and is more focused on monitoring; it controls the laptop battery capacity, the discharge speed, and presents results in a graph in real-time.

With BatteryMon, you will discover how the control of the screen’s brightness or the dynamic adaptation of the realizations affects the consumption of the battery.

BatteryMon also allows you to obtain all kinds of details about the battery technical characteristics: it is a handy application to analyze the state of the laptop battery and monitor the state of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power System).

This tool can install a small discrete widget on the screen or send email notifications with alerts.


It is a service that has been developed to minimize your laptop’s loss battery capacity.

In the first instance, the system works trying to detect the battery’s state, so before anything else, it will indicate the percentage of charge it has and the general state it is in.

This tool delivers calibrations and can help reduce its temperature.

The utility has several programmable functions that allow even someone without much experience in the subject to use it. The installation is quite simple, just don’t install the bloatware that the application recommends.

These tools will help you get the most out of your laptop battery and improve its life.

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