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1337x Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites List [100% Working]

If you love downloading movies, PC games, and so many other stuff from the Internet then you must be familiar with torrents. You often use Torrents to download your favorite content as they are the easiest and best source to find our desired files. If we talk about the best torrenting site, 1337x is the first choice for many people. But, people look for 1337x Proxy and its Unblocked mirror sites because its official domain is blocked by the government due to the piracy. So, the question comes to our mind that how to Unblock 1337x website? Well, here is the solution to this question which makes easier to access the 1337x.to without any security issues.

We have collected some of the working 1337x Mirror sites which work similar and hosted on different servers. So, you just have to visit any one of the 1337x Proxies given and you will get the same layout and content which you get on its official website. Although, you can use the VPNs to access this torrent. But, the unblocked 1337x is easier and better way to open the torrent site. In few countries 1337x are counted as illegal and the ISP banned that torrent for a particular region. These mirror sites are hosted on the servers of different countries where it is not blocked. So, you can easily get the access from that server location. If you want to try its alternative you should check out ExtraTorrent Mirrors which we have shared earlier.

1337x proxy

Why 1337x is Blocked?

You might be wondering this torrent helps us by providing our favorite content for free then why it is banned, right? Actually not only 1337x, but all the torrents are also banned in our country due to the copyright privacy violation. All the torrents provide the copyrighted material illegally that’s the reason government ordered to block such platforms. Well, the torrents are still available for the countries where their government is not blocked them yet. If you are a resident of a country where it’s blocked, you can simply connect to the other countries with the help of VPNs where it is still available.

However, some of us don’t want to use VPNs as they are quite difficult and some of them also cost a little. So, here we will take the help of 1337x Proxy which fluently provides you the access to your favorite torrent platform. Like this, The Pirate Bay Proxy is also another best torrenting website. It provides you the Paid Games and Unblocked Movies.  The best thing about the 1337x unblocked sites is that they come free of cost. Also, they provide a faster browsing experience which doesn’t feel like you are browsing the 1337x mirror.

Unblocked 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites

Sometimes, you want to download your favorite content but it may not available on any website. You can surely find your favorite Music, Videos, Movies, PC Games etc. for free on the torrents. But, the main problems comes when these torrents can’t be accessed. At that time, we look for the ways about how to Unblock 1337x without VPNs. Well, most of the people don’t like to use VPNs because of their connection speed. VPNs provides very slow browsing speed that irritates a lot and people prefer proxies than a VPN.

Here is a quick solution for this problem. Here are some working proxies which we are going to share with you. I have searched and found these 1337x Proxy Sites on the Internet. These sites doesn’t contain too many advertisements and they are working fine with a faster browsing experience. You should check out Sports Streaming Sites if you love watching sports online. Click from any of the links below and visit 1337x Torrent without any problem.

1337x Proxy SitesStatusSpeed
Sitenable.pwActiveVery Fast
Siteget.netActiveVery Fast
Sitenable.coActiveVery Fast
1337x.tvActiveVery Fast
Sitenable.topActiveVery Fast

So these are the working proxies which we have shared for you. I hope these websites are working fine for you. Now, you can access your favourite without any interruption. There are more than ten proxies are added in the table. In case, if any one of those proxies doesn’t, alternate link is available for you. I  had collected more than 30+ 1337x Proxy Sites but I’m gonna share them all here. Just becasue some of them doesn’t have good availability, I have shared only the working unblocked sites with you.

1337x Unblocked

1337x provides directory of torrents and magnet links with peer-to-peer file sharing and uses BitTorrent protocol. As found by a news website, it is the third most popular torrent site among all. Accessing this torrent became the major problem for many people as blocked by the Government. But, you know that innovation never stops. People discovered several methods to access this torrent. One of the finest way that has been found is 1337x Proxy. It also become tough to find the links to such proxies. So, to make it more easier, the article is shared with you.

1337x unblocked

Note – This article is written only for education purpose. We are not encouraging people or promoting the torrent through any means.


The Unlocked Mirror sites are better than using VPNs for accessing this torrent platform. These sites can be accessed on any device or any browser without any interruption. If you are getting any issues while accessing any particular unblocked 1337x Proxy, you can try the another one. Still, if you are facing any problem please leave a comment below. We will try to update as soon as possible.

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